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Ceramic Coatings Brisbane

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As much as cars are functional pieces of equipment with a primary duty of transporting you from one place to another, they can and should be aesthetically pleasing. Some car enthusiasts and collectors acquire vehicles simply to inject them with flair and style and show them off whenever possible. If you’re protective of your car and would love to maintain its showroom condition for several years, you should consider ceramic coatings near Brisbane. Spitshine Detailing offers this paint protection service, amongst others, to ensure your car appears sleek and attractive.

Benefits of a Car Ceramic Coating Near Brisbane

Since you expose your vehicle to harsh external elements, your paintwork dulls and displays signs of damage. However, you shouldn’t lose hope in restoring the condition of your car to what it once was and maintaining it because ceramic coatings are the ideal protection for your paintwork. The nanoscopic treatment is in liquid form that starts forming a hard layer over the original paint. Typically, it comprises quartz, sand, and silicon dioxide from natural materials. When these chemicals bond, you’ll find the car has a water-repellent effect. These are some of the in-depth benefits you enjoy with a car ceramic coating:

  • Every moment you take your car out onto the road, you’re exposing the paintwork to all kinds of contaminants in the air that can cause damage in addition to the sun’s UV rays. Applying a ceramic coating literally guards your paintwork by acting as a strong, protective surface. Furthermore, it’s resistant to oxidation, fading, and chemical stains.
  • Since the ceramic coating becomes hard, you can keep the car cleaner for longer, reducing your trips to the local car wash. Every vehicle has tiny pockets in the paintwork that’s invisible to the naked eye. Dirt and debris can wedge themselves in these, creating a dirty appearance. However, with the ceramic coating in place, dirt simply rolls off, and if you have to wash your car, it won’t be difficult to remove.
  • Other paint protective products exist but aren’t as effective and durable as ceramic coatings. Wax is a typical example that several luxury car owners gravitate to when they want to achieve a showroom shine and preserve the car’s appearance. However, the problem is wax wears off relatively quickly when you compare it to a Mercedes ceramic coating which should be in place for years to come.
  • One of the best advantages of using ceramic coatings is its affordability. It may require what seems to be a considerable investment upfront, but when you consider the amount of money you can save on car washes, waxing, and other detail services, a ceramic coating is undoubtedly a cost-effective product. Depending on the type of coating you select, it’s essentially a permanent solution that won’t require an annual renewal.
  • Apart from the fact that you can protect your car’s paintwork for the future, adding a new car ceramic coating ensures that you elevate and maintain the aesthetics of your car. You can expect a candy-gloss finish that brings out the best from your original colour.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Ceramic Coating Services

Car owners are always seeking new methods of ensuring their cars turn heads when they’re roaring down the highway or in the suburbs. Now that you’re aware of the benefits of a BMW ceramic coating, you should follow these tips to help maintain the layer for several years:

  • If you’re the type of person who really treasures their vehicle, you likely prefer washing it yourself. When you do this, find a shade spot to do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The reason for this is to reduce the exposure time to extreme heat. As a result, you may end up with the soap drying up faster, leaving water spots that lead to streaks which you don’t want.
  • When washing the car, you should use a pH-neutral shampoo as it won’t affect the ceramic coating. As a result, you maintain the hydrophobic properties of the protective layer, which fends off contaminants and debris.
  • You should be wary of the car care products you use, as consistency is key. Find the appropriate ceramic boost sprays for your coating and stick to that brand. Using various types of sprays to maintain the protective surface may result in incompatibility issues. When you’re searching for a suitable spray, ask the coating installer or find suggestions from other car owners through online reviews.
  • Besides using the proper cleaning agents for your car, the tools you need to carry out the maintenance is crucial. The elements you use to wash your car with can undergo contamination with other cleaners or degreasers. If you’re using a microfiber cloth with a bucket, ensure it is completely clean to avoid cross-contamination and risk damaging your ceramic coating.
  • The simple solution for car owners when the vehicle is dirty is the car wash with automated machines. The problem with this is these machines can destroy your ceramic coating. Additionally, you won’t know the type of cleaning agents they’re using on your vehicle. For this reason, it’s best to take responsibility for your car by washing it at home using appropriate cleaning devices.

Why Trust Spitshine Detailing Regarding a Mercedes-Benz Ceramic Coating

Taking care of cars and providing them with a boost in their appearance is a raging passion for our team. We love detailing vehicles and seeing the expression of surprise and gratitude from our customers. For over 15 years, we’ve been assisting people across Brisbane with ceramic coating detailing and have become a leader in the industry. Our services are high-quality, and we use products that are second to none. When you allow us to install a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you can take out a warranty to ensure peace of mind.

We can service both new and used cars, especially those classic muscle vehicles. If you require a quotation, we can deliver it to you on the day of request and we offer a same-day turnaround for the majority of our services. Contact us to discuss a