The Best Luxury Car Paint Protection

We are all protective of our cars and have repeatedly realised that keeping the paintwork shiny is hard work. It also becomes increasingly difficult as the car matures and the continual exposure to the harsh sun and all the chemicals in the air takes their toll. Luckily there is an easy way to ensure your car maintains its original showroom shine year after year by applying luxury car paint protection.

BMW Paint Protection Explained

There are a few methods of maintaining and protecting the paint of your car. One involves the application of extremely thin sheets of polyurethane. This is an effective method but unfortunately needs complete replacing every four or so years. Another method is the regular application of carnauba wax, as in almost weekly and at least two coats each time. Finally, there is another option, one that lasts a lifetime:

  • We make use of the System X Ceramic Coating products for Lamborghini paint protection. It is an innovative chemical that creates an inseparable bond on the molecular level with the car's paintwork. Once applied and correctly cared for, it should last the car's lifetime as it basically becomes a top coat of paint, having fused with the standard paintwork.
  • The result of applying the ceramic coating is a great barrier that protections the paintwork against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings and harmful UV rays. It is also glossier in appearance than any original paintwork and surpasses the shininess from even the best carnauba wax or polymer sealants currently on the market. Some owners have commented that it looks as if the car was dipped in glass.
  • You can also apply the hydrophobic, slick and glossy coating to the windows of the car and the rims. Whether plastic or chrome-plated, the trim also receives a coating for the ultimate protection against the elements and environmental damage. It can also be applied to the vehicle's interior, except the steering wheel and locking pins of the doors, for obvious reasons.

The Application of Audi Paint Protection

The application of the System X Ceramic Coating for superior Ferrari paint protection should preferably be undertaken by a certified applicator. The reason is not because of any environmental concerns, such as some toxic products, but because of the extreme care required for a perfect finish. The procedure below explains the reason for this:

  • The ceramic coatings are available in various formulations, each specifically made for different substrates of a vehicle, such as glass, plastic or aluminium. As an authorised and certified applicator, we can carry stock of all of these formulations, whereas the cost will be prohibitive for the individual with only a car or two.
  • Unless your vehicle is completely new and has never been parked outside in the parking lot of the office, then it is recommended and even essential to first do some paint correction. The objective of this step is the removal of swirl marks, small scratches and all chemical deposits of the surface of the paintwork. The process entails the actual removal of a few micrometres of the paintwork in a controlled method and then microscopic infilling to create a superbly smooth surface.
  • The vehicle is washed several times, using soap that cleans the surface of all grime and deposits, but at the same time rinsing so as not to interfere with the bonding of the Tesla paint protection coating with the paintwork to form a permanent protective layer. Coupled with this is the need to continuously work in a dust-free environment.

Looking After Mercedes-Benz Paint Protection

The System X Ceramic Coating is pretty tough, but still, it requires some care to last for many years. Most of it is just common sense and minor actions, nothing compared to maintaining a constant coat of wax. Follow these directions for a lasting shine on your prized automobile:

  • You can wash your car with any good, non-abrasive shampoo for cars without damaging the paint protection coat. In fact, you can do this every fortnight to prevent the build-up of corrosive substances. You can also make use of a car wash, but only if they regularly clean their material and do not use brushes.
  • Do not wash the car within the first two to three days after applying the Mercedes paint protection coating, or park it in the sun to bake until crispy. You should remove bird droppings and tree sap as soon as possible car shampoo without rubbing, scrubbing and scraping at it.
  • A specially formulated shampoo is available that continuously feed the ceramic coating to keep it thick and strong. If you do like the work, the car may be waxed using a quality carnauba wax, as it won't damage the strong shell on the car's paintwork. Always avoid washing or waxing the car in full sun.

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